I know - it's been a vey long time since I've posted on this blog.  Life is as busy as ever, and although I still manage to squeeze in some sewing time, I never seem to be able to photograph what I've sewn.  I've made a special effort today though, because I did make something late last year that was worth blogging about!  

After chatting to another mum at ballet last year my attention was drawn to the fact that this year my Zoe would have the opportunity to learn a solo dance, and that if she were to perform this solo, she would need a tutu.  Now although at the time of this conversation I had absolutely zero intention of ever making a tutu, I soon learned how expensive they are to have made (many hundreds of dollars), and how much even second hand tutus sell for.  

And so I decided, with the help of this ballet mum (who just happens to be a professional seamstress and was also in the process of making her first tutu), I set about making a prototype.  I figured that it was best to have a go while there was no pressure to produce something that would be worn on stage, and that if it was a complete flop I would have plenty of time to find something else!

And so over the next few months I proceeded to chip away at what was a fundamentally daunting taks.  There are so many skills required to make a tutu, most of which I was completely lacking (I'd never even sewn a fitted bodice before and had to be introduced to the concept of 'ease').  And of course most steps had to be painstakingly unpicked after they had not quite been sewn correctly the first time.


In between sewing I would sit my model somewhere around the house where I could admire my work and fret about the upcoming steps.



And I spent almost as much time deciding on the decoration as I did sewing the tutu itself.  I had no idea that blue lace was so hard to find.  Now I know!


After several months I set myself a deadline to finish the tutu.  Zoe was going to perform the little dance from the end of her ballet exam at her school carnival, and I promised her she would have a tutu to wear for her performance.  This deadline of course resulted in a few midnight sewing sessions, but a finished tutu was produced just in time, and we were both thrilled with the result!



I wondered if I'd ever want to think about sewing another tutu after I'd spent so many hours on this first one.  I wouldn't exactly say I've been bitten by the tutu bug, but I do look forward to making another one one day.  Just not any day too soon!