I did something a little bit crafty last week so I thought I better hurry up and update my blog with proof that I'm still around and still making things from time to time.  My petite ballerina graduated to blue class this year and needed a blue hair bow to match.  After staring for months at the ones for sale at the studio I suddenly decided I could do the job myself. 


I'm pretty pleased with the result and have plans (and supplies) to make a few more (actually I've already made a few more, but by the time I took this photo the light was fading, the model was getting annoyed and the bun had seen better days, so I figured I better be thankful for the one semi-decent photo I did get!).

In other crafty news I made 4 pairs of pyjama pants for the little man and sewed the hem on two t-shirts for me which have been sitting half finished since January.  I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I'm thinking that one day soon I might just be able to face the other 45 half finished projects sitting in my sewing room, and then maybe make it to a day when I can in good conscience start something new again.  Maybe.  Oh, I also got the craft group at school going again after a rather long hiatus and had a great first night back making bunting.

On the home front I've been on the road a lot driving children to various activities, including a chess tournament in Canberra.  That one was a long drive!  Am I complaining though?  Nup.  Because Canberra is a great place, and because being forced to sit for hours and read a book whilst waiting for chess games to finish is good for the soul.  And good for finally finishing one of my books for book club :P   I've also decided that the novelty of driving to the city will not wear off with the advent of winter.  I took these photos during the week on a cold, wet night with my trusty iphone.


Arts Centre Spire
Arts Centre

National Gallery of Victoria
National Gallery of Victoria
Ballet centre
Between the Arts Centre and Ballet Centre
St Kilda Rd
St Kilda Rd

I tell you it's not quite the Champs-Élysées, but I get a buzz walking around the place just the same.

I'll finish with some cute photos of the kids. Miss Zoe on her way to violin and the little man after his school cross country win today. And then I'm off to enjoy the official start of the weekend after what has been a big week.

On our way to violin

Happy weekend!