I think my love of a good tea towel is just an extension of my love of good textile design.  The only problem for me is I get a bit precious with my beautiful tea towels and can't bring myself to use them (a bit like what happens with my fabric).  I have two up on the wall and three waiting for their first wash before using (which just never seems to happen). 

If you would like to dry your dishes with something beautiful (or to squirrel away waiting for the right day to get used like I do), then have a look at Thea & Sami's hand printed tea towels which are now available in the store.  These tea towels are printed in Brisbane on 100% linen (which I'm told by people who actually use their tea towels is great for drying dishes) using environmentally friendly inks.


They make fabulous gift for people who appreciate beautiful fabric but who don't sew, or people who do sew but are too snowed under with half finished projects to justify buying any more fabric (me!). 

If you would like to win yourself a Thea & Sami tea-towel of your choice, just leave a comment below.  A winner will be chosen randomly on Tuesday 28th of September.  

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to wash my tea towels.

[Edited to add that comments are working but due to technical issues they are very slow to show - sorry!]

[Edited again because as Linda kindly pointed out I said in the newsletter that the winner would be drawn in August which would be a very long wait.  I really did mean September!]